Well, you've found my home page. This started as a place to hold a bunch of stuff about how to configure Linux to work with XMission, my ISP at the time. It grew into a general place to put all my stuff. Originally it was hand-coded HTML, with the passage of time I decided to move it to Google Sites to get a more modern look.

Why Silverglass Technical? Well, that's a long story dating back to around 1981 or so. It was originally going to be the name of the organization in a role-playing game I was setting up. And when I went to create a personal site, I decided it'd make a good name for that too. And it fits, because a lot of the stuff I was using the site for was technical in nature.

What's available on the site (see the sidebar for links):
  • Some information about me.
  • A page of code snippets and programs I've written.
  • Some articles I've penned. Some are included here, some are links to blog posts.
  • Some of the things I'm interested in that I've enough information to make it worthwhile putting something up.
  • Some interesting quotes I've collected over the years.
  • A collection of links to sites I find interesting and/or useful.
Silverglass Technical's servers use SSL keys generated by an internal certificate authority. The public certificate for that CA, used to sign all public keys issued by it, is a 4096-bit RSA certificate attached to this page as SilverglassCACert.pem. It can be imported into the CA key store of your browser or e-mail client to allow it to validate silverglass.org certificates.

All original material on this site is copyrighted by Todd Knarr. In general, fair use of this material is permitted, including making copies for personal use. Other use of this material requires permission from me first. Any entity which prohibits or restricts fair use of it's copyrighted material, or which attempts to do so, is hereby denied permission to use or refer to any original material on this site. Modification of these pages and distribution of the modified versions without permission is, I would note, an infringement of copyright. I specifically do not grant such permission.

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